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One Man’s Trash…

Is another (wo)man’s clean up project! Now that spring has finally arrived and I have some time on my hands, I started doing some manual labor in the yard. My main goal was to move the plowed gravel off our lawn and tidy up a bit. But I’ve discovered that my clean up project is more like an archaeological dig. 
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Homes for the Holidays

This is my first holiday season living in Maine in over a decade and it is wonderful to be close to my family again. The changes I’ve been through in the last year have also made me appreciate my family’s prosperity and recognize how lucky we are. 
I am fortunate that everyone in my family owns a home. After this Friday (paperwork willing), all of my adult siblings will be homeowners. Home ownership, while not cheap, is not a hardship for us – we can afford to furnish them, heat them, and nourish our families in them. We each have a home with enough space to live in comfortably. We are able to meet and exceed our basic needs. 
Today, I am thankful to be in my home state again.  I am thankful for my family and the joyful bedlam of our holiday gatherings.  And I am thankful for a place to call home.


Despite moving in back on November 18th, this week was our first week at our new house. It was also my first week at a new job… or my first 3 days. Aaron and I came back from our holidays with a really nasty cold and after toughing it out on Monday and Tuesday, I cried uncle on Wednesday and Thursday.  

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The Big House

Our new home in Windham, ME. Estimated closing date Oct. 19th.
Our new home in Windham, ME. Estimated closing date Oct. 19th

The prospect of moving into a 2-story, 2,151 sq ft home on nearly 4 acres is quite a change, but like so many other changes in the past year, we’re embracing it. As our “West Bentley” blog-followers know, our last house was a modest 1,200+ sq ft ranch on nearly an acre of land. The room sizes were moderate and the storage space was sparse.  Our new home provides us with generous rooms and more storage space than I think we’ll ever use (though Aaron is certainly happy to try). 

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