Despite moving in back on November 18th, this week was our first week at our new house. It was also my first week at a new job… or my first 3 days. Aaron and I came back from our holidays with a really nasty cold and after toughing it out on Monday and Tuesday, I cried uncle on Wednesday and Thursday.  

I’ve found that I feel compelled to clean when I’m home sick unless I am essentially bed-ridden. I consider myself a feminist and I am far from Suzy Homemaker, but for some reason leaving a mess when I have “extra” time at home is very hard to do. What I get accomplished is pretty modest – I am sick, afterall – but progress must be made. 

The laundry room had become the land of piles…

I made them into fewer, neater piles.

I also did a LOT of laundry. I hate folding, so it is still one of the piles.

Aaron had his own, more masculine version of the nesting urge – Man need food!  We had a beautiful new 25 cu ft refrigerator and we hardly had anything in it. One trip to Hannaford and a $100 later, we had a supply of dressings, seasonings, and marinades as well as fresh supplies for several meals. After living in a shared household for so many months, it was liberating to have room to back-stock.

Meanwhile, we finally brought Shady to the house to adjust to her new surroundings over the weekend. Aside from getting stomped on by Delta a couple times, she seems to be relatively unruffled by her change of scenery. 

1 thought on “Femi-nesting

  1. Ahh, so unbemished and uncluttered! Even the picture of Shady is spare! Glad to see you two (three, four, five) are enjoying claiming your new place and making it yours. Looking forward to the aesthetic once you feel 75% done (100% is never, and the last 15% can take years!) xoxox

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