The Big House

Our new home in Windham, ME. Estimated closing date Oct. 19th.
Our new home in Windham, ME. Estimated closing date Oct. 19th

The prospect of moving into a 2-story, 2,151 sq ft home on nearly 4 acres is quite a change, but like so many other changes in the past year, we’re embracing it. As our “West Bentley” blog-followers know, our last house was a modest 1,200+ sq ft ranch on nearly an acre of land. The room sizes were moderate and the storage space was sparse.  Our new home provides us with generous rooms and more storage space than I think we’ll ever use (though Aaron is certainly happy to try). 

Our first home was a foreclosure that needed major functional repairs and a lot of immediate cosmetics. Our new home presents a whole new set of challenges.  It was built in 1990 and has not really been updated since – the vinyl is original, the roof is original, the clapboard hasn’t been re-stained, the appliances are aging. The scope of the projects is larger, but everything works so the timeline is much longer.  
There is also the matter of furnishing all that space.  When we left NY, we left most of our furniture behind because it wasn’t worth the gas it would take to haul it.  We need to furnish a livingroom, den, guest room, and office – not to mention an entry area, walk-in closet and a large deck.  The rooms are blank slates – other than the unfortunate green carpet in the master suite, the floors and walls are all shades of beige – so there is a good deal of painting in our futures as well.
We’ll be going through the rooms in more detail as we consider our options, but for now, here are some highlights:

Front porch

Window looking out at front porch

French doors to the den

Hearth in the den

Dining room with sliding door

Living room with bay window

Guest room with potential window seat

Raspberry sorbet tub with gold fixtures… really?

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