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Part of what we are paying for when we hire contractors is their expertise. We try to know the basics about the work so that we are informed consumers, but we expect the experts to know some facts and tricks that we don’t. What is infuriating is when these experts share their opinions after the fact and phrase it as though we should have known or argued against it. 

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Giving Me Contract-ions…

I recently remarked to Aaron that hiring contractors means spending thousands of dollars to be disappointed… 

I really wish I could post something entirely positive about the contractors we’ve hired for work at the house. I know the frustration of projects and communications between layperson and expert exist on both sides of the equation. That said, working with them is often a “bang head against wall” kind of experience. 
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Changing Tones

This week I decided to buckle down and finally paint the master bathroom. The project has been dragging on for 6 months and the only thing keeping us in cramped hall bathroom is paint and effort. To keep things cheap and simple, we’re using paint that was left by the previous owners, called November Rain. When we first saw the house at the showing, we thought the color was white or off-white. Once we’d purchased the house and started putting in our own colors, we realized that it was actually a pale green. 

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Slow Your Roll(er)

This week I began painting the main room (livingroom, dining area, kitchen) of the house.  The color we settled on was the only one I liked during my first round of samples, a lovely green called Belle Grove Moss:
If there is one thing that our first house taught me, it was that rushing made for messy results. Patience has never been my strong suit and having a whole house full of projects meant I wanted to just keep moving.  This time around, I’ve slowed my roll(er) and been more careful with my application. Having natural wood trim helped as well, since stray smears had to be cleaned immediately rather than painted over later.  

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