Slow Your Roll(er)

This week I began painting the main room (livingroom, dining area, kitchen) of the house.  The color we settled on was the only one I liked during my first round of samples, a lovely green called Belle Grove Moss:
If there is one thing that our first house taught me, it was that rushing made for messy results. Patience has never been my strong suit and having a whole house full of projects meant I wanted to just keep moving.  This time around, I’ve slowed my roll(er) and been more careful with my application. Having natural wood trim helped as well, since stray smears had to be cleaned immediately rather than painted over later.  

I also have one new and very valuable trick up my sleeve.  When we were fixing up our Brooktondale house for sale, we hired a man named Steve White to do some general handyman work for us.  He passed along a tip for doing edge work – take a 3″ angle brush, dip the tip into your paint and scrape one side clean, then hold the brush at a 45 degree angle to the edge, push, and draw out slowly and smoothly.  Then got back and feather out the edge so that it blends in with the rolled area.  You get fairly straight line without the hassle of taping and if you go a little on the ceiling, the smooth line makes it much harder to notice.  Today I was edging while our new appliances were being delivered and when the driver saw me doing this, he said “Miss, you’ve got skills!”  As a woman who can’t draw a straight line to save her life, I got a little charge out of hearing that.
Now that I’m done bragging, here is a question for those of you who are more interior-inclined than I am. What do you think of leaving the bay window area white? When I moved over to that area last night (pre-edging), I noticed that there is a little edge where the wall moves out and it makes for a natural stopping point. Since I’m not doing a dark accent wall, I thought this might be an interesting way to make the window “pop” but I’m not sure if it works since the area unpainted is so small.

Also, kudos to Valspar’s Signature Series paints – all these pictures were taken after just one coat! I am going to do a second coat because there are some very scattered thin spots, but perhaps if I’d slowed my roller a little more, it wouldn’t be necessary.

2 thoughts on “Slow Your Roll(er)

  1. On initial glance at the wall, I figured you had just stopped painting for the night and hadn’t done the edging on the bay wall. Not sure that is the “look” that you were aiming for. I do like the green though! Really makes the wood trim pop!


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