Part of what we are paying for when we hire contractors is their expertise. We try to know the basics about the work so that we are informed consumers, but we expect the experts to know some facts and tricks that we don’t. What is infuriating is when these experts share their opinions after the fact and phrase it as though we should have known or argued against it. 

So when the painter told Aaron yesterday that we should have started out with an oil based primer so the house color would be more even, Aaron and I felt like this:

(Throwback Thursday bonus tidbit: One of my college nicknames came from this movie.)
In more exciting news, the fence project is currently slated to start Monday.  Fall arrived quickly and crisply in the last few weeks, making leashed only potty walks even less fun.  The Muck boots that I bought last year for tracking have more than paid themselves but I am really looking forward to the fence. Standing in the morning chill while the dogs carefully choose their spot is getting old quickly. 
The thing I am most excited about is seeing Dash and Delta play in it for the first time. Especially Delta, who has not known the freedom a large fenced in yard. I will try to get video, it’s going to be a beautiful sight.

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