SoML: Single Ladies

So I’m not posting a video or lyrics to this one, everyone knows it. If you don’t, you may want to get out from under that rock. And this song is not the soundtrack of my life in the way you expect.

The first time or two I heard this when I was headed for divorce, I kind of chuckled to think that I’d be part of all the single ladies soon enough. But shortly afterwards it started to become pretty grating.

Why? Because I don’t want anyone to put a freaking ring on it. Not for a good long stretch at least. And I’m not “it” and you don’t get to claim me like a body part. You like “it” – great. If you like the rest of me too, then feel to free to go about earning my attention.

It’s funny how a song that has become an anthem for women became the antithesis once my perspective changed. And don’t mistake my vigor for being bitter. I’m simply enjoying being my own individual person, so the idea of being claimed doesn’t hold much appeal right now.

I'll put my own ring on it, thanks.

All this isn’t to say¬†you won’t catch me dancing if the song comes on. I might even do that little hand up thing. But you don’t have to agree with a song for it to be catchy. Afterall, I tap along with “Porn Star Dancing” too.

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