Soundtrack of My Life: I Dare You

I’ve always been interested in and connected to music. I usually don’t subject people to my singing, but if you’ve been near me when music is playing, you’ve probably seen some moves. My parents like to say that as soon as I started walking, I started dancing. My proclivity for moving to the music wherever, whenever earned me nicknames in college and may have landed me a rolling nickname at the gym.

As I’ve gone through all these changes and transitions lately, I’ve felt the pull of music even more. I find myself making playlists and collecting personal “theme” songs that resonate with me.

If I let myself get too analytical, I’ll pick apart my choices and focus on why a song doesn’t match for me. It’s the reason I’ve had the idea for this post percolating for about a month now but didn’t start writing until last night. But music doesn’t have to be a perfect match in order to speak to you and reflect some piece of your journey.

One song that has been particularly strong for me is “I Dare You” by Shinedown.

Hello, let me introduce you to
The characters in the show
One says yes, one says no
Decide – which voice in your head you can keep alive

I’m living alone for the first time in my adult life and I waver between self confidence and self doubt with each new challenge. I have to remember that I am stronger than I give myself credit for.

Even in madness, I know you still believe
Paint me on canvas so I become
What you could never be

Joining the Academy and learning BJJ could be considered madness and I’ve had people tell me that they admire me because they would never dare to try it. The mats aren’t actually canvas, but I certainly feel painted on them some nights.

I dare you to tell me to walk through fire
Wear my soul and call me a liar
I dare you to tell me to walk through fire
I dare you to tell me
I dare you to…

The fire line has been really catching me for weeks. After a couple of repetitions I was able to put my finger on why: I have walked through fire. In fact, it was 5 years ago today.

Earned October 23, 2010

After my experience, I wrote that “can’t” had been put in perspective. The anniversary and the song serve as a good reminders as I face the challenges ahead of me.

So, Life, what’s next?

Go ahead… I dare you to…

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