Couch Time

Since we don’t use it much, the den has been a fairly neglected room in our house. If it weren’t for my grandfather’s generosity, it would only have a bookcase and some dog beds in it.  Heck, it wouldn’t even have had dog beds in it but we’ve begun to use the wood stove for supplemental heat, which my single-coated critters appreciate.

But now, finally, we are planning to have a party in our party house. Only took us two years, right? It’s going to be a New Years Eve do and we’re starting to think about getting the downstairs set up for socializing. The only seating currently in the den were the two end chairs to our dining set which were there just to get them out of the way.

Den with chairs only
Not the most inviting seating.

We recently checked out the ReStore run by our local Habitat for Humanity and stumbled upon a deal we couldn’t pass up. A nearly perfect black faux leather couch for a price that was lower than anything we liked on Craigslist. As soon as it was in the house, the dogs had to inspect it. Dash had a quick snuggle with Aaron while I was getting “before” pictures. Then Delta got up and gave it a thorough nasal inspection, paying special attention to the cracks between the cushions.

Delta inspects the couch
Must sniff the new thing!

Once she’d gotten a good sniff in, Dash was ready to claim the new prime hangout spot – a sunny window and a view of the kitchen.

Did he just open the fridge?
Did he just open the fridge?

A couch “installation” is never complete in our house without a handsome Boxer stamp of approval.

I declare this to be my new throne.
I declare this to be my new throne.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll have more house-specific updates to give. I am hoping to have the house at its most put-together by the time we have the party.  We’ll see if any of that is something worth posting about.

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