Stitch Fix Review #2: New Duds

After an underwhelming first fix, I was really hoping for a win the second time around. My first fix had some pieces headed in the right direction, so I figured things would improve after my detailed feedback (I even shared my review link with them).

One risk I took was not asking for the same stylist. It did not pay off. While the first stylist seemed to get the idea of what I was after but miss the mark on particulars, the second stylist didn’t “get me” at all. In addition to not liking the pieces, they didn’t really seem to “go” together the way the first fix did. 
In the notes for my fix, I requested twill/khaki or cord pants for work because I hadn’t had any luck finding them on my own, I suggested skinny jeans as a possible “out of my norm” option, and I mentioned wanting “fall to winter” transition pieces. I also specifically asked for no “Dry Clean Only” and to avoid “Lay Flat to Dry” items because I already had a bunch and ran out of flat spaces after a load of winter laundry. What I received was dress pants and a shapeless top in silky fabrics, a pair of bootcut jeans, a hooded sweater, and a necklace. 
Note about the photos: This time I dragged Aaron upstairs so I could pose against a blank wall. He stood to took the photos, but I forgot to specify that the outfit pics should be full shots, so I’m cut off at the ankles or knees.

Outfit #1: This outfit was a complete dud. I didn’t like the top or pants out of the box and my opinion didn’t improve when I tried them on. Top: Leo Contrast Trim Blouse by Eclair ($68). Something the stylist couldn’t have known is that I have a top that is similar to this. But I also said I preferred fitted tops and this was loose with poofy sleeves. The slippery fabric was barely suitable for fall in Maine and certainly not something for winter. Oh, and it was Dry Clean Only.  Pants: Christen Bootcut Trouser by Ecru ($138). Yuck. Before I saw it, I saw the price. These would have had to be the best pants in the WORLD for me to buy them. My style profile is set to “as cheap as I can get” so I don’t know why these would have even made it into a box for me. Then I saw them – an ugly, mottled blackish color that made it look lumpy. Also, they were thin trouser fabric. I asked for twill or cords because my office is freezing in the winter and flimsy fabric does not cut it. It was Dry Clean RecommendedNecklace: Rita Teardrop Bib Necklace by Pixley ($42). I liked this necklace, but I should – I had it pinned on my Style board. It didn’t remotely go with the outfit, since it wouldn’t have stay on top of the shirt and I would have had to keep messing with it. It would have gone very nicely with an open neck top or a high neck that would display it properly.

(Note: Bitch face not intentional, though I obviously wasn’t thrilled with the outfit.)
Outfit #2: This outfit was so-so, which is part of the problem. You enroll in Stitch Fix because you want something fun or interesting or daring. Not something you could have thrown together yourself. Top: Nero Hooded Long Sleeved Sweater by Desires ($68). This sweater didn’t seem to bad at first. The black was plain, but it was soft. Then I unfolded it and it looked like the hood was sewn on sideways. When I pulled it on and pushed it around, I found that the hood was sewn the right way, but the opening was strange – sort of overlapped one side on top of the other. It was also a loose knit which you could see through. I don’t do layers, another thing I’d been clear about, and I’m not interested in flashing skin in winter. To seal the fail, the arms were too short and it was Lay Flat to DryPants: Katherine High Rise Bootcut Jeans by Kut from the Kloth ($68). Another thing the stylist couldn’t have known is that bootcut jeans are the one thing I can find for myself. Gap has a “Long and Lean” style that fits perfectly and is frequently on sale at the Freeport outlet. Also, flap pockets, eh. 
Final Verdict: As far as this fix, I’m only keeping the necklace. Which actually kind of adds to the fail – I only like the thing I picked out for myself? Not exactly expanding my style. 
One unexpected benefit of this adventure so far was that I’ve been looking at a LOT of reviews. It gave me some ideas when I indulged in a huge sale at BonTon. Ruff Hewn, a brand I found in NY and have loved ever since, had several pieces that were similar to items I’d seen in Fixes. 
At this point, I’m planning on giving Stitch Fix one more shot and requesting my original stylist. I think I’d need to like at least two things to keep going with the service. Afterall, seeing that box on the porch should make me feel excited, not poised for disappointment.

UPDATE: Since posting this and submitting my feedback, I received one generic form email from customer service and one “personalized” email from the Influencers both saying how sorry they were that I wasn’t satisfied with my Fix. Unfortunately they were nearly identical and they both suggested I use the Stylist Note feature and my Pinterest board to help future fixes. Considering I referenced BOTH of those in this review and my feedback on their site, the email only furthered my disappointment. I’ve responded to say as much, we’ll see what happens.

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