Mown Away!

Apparently we were due for some good contractor experiences. First the fence project was faster than expected, and now our latest (and smallest scale) contractor experience was just as good or better – we finally had the field thoroughly bush hogged. 

I forgot to get an official “before” but this gives you an idea. Ugly, scraggly brush.

We’d had it done once last year by a guy with a walk behind rig, but I really wanted to take down all the scraggly bushes and brush. My mom recommended a New Gloucester man named Fred Farrington who she had hired before. She said he was fairly priced and meticulous. She was not wrong. Even with an extra charge for hauling his equipment because we were out of his normal service area, he came in under the other estimates. Then he finished slightly under budget. And the results? The field almost looks like yard.
(Fun fact: Do you know that Goldenrod makes tractors congested too? The field
needed to be damp so it wouldn’t get sucked into the radiator and clog things up.)

The back corner of the field, house on the right.
The lump in the foreground is a boulder.

Near the leech field, driveway runs parallel on the right.

Facing the back corner of the property.

Since the field was so clear, I took a little walk around and picked up some exhumed trash (there is always more trash!). I also grabbed a shot of this piece of farm equipment that is tucked into the edge of the trees in the back corner. A little too heavy to pick up with the rest of the refuse.

Random ancient equipment, which apparently
needed to be held down by cinder blocks.

I think we’re winding down for real this time. No more contractors waiting in the wings, no big undertakings for a while. The word for October is recovery. Next up will be small-scale DIY and there is no rush.

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