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Let’s Go, De-Fence, Let’s Go!

Fall has arrived. Football is back, there is a chill in the air and best of all… there is a fence in our yard! After weeks of frustrating or boring maintenance projects, we finally got something obvious, fabulous, and new.
And after weeks of on leash potty walks and two years of a cramped temporary yard, this is really really exciting for me. I might be as excited as Dash and I’m almost more excited than Delta. 

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What a Tool!

I suspect I am not the only spouse to encounter this phenomenon – your DIY-inclined other half just has to have a specific tool. Right. Now. The usefulness is clear, the need is obvious, it is a must for every homeowner. Obviously. So they run out and buy the tool. Which sits in a box for weeks, months, years… Then they finally use it and say “See, we DID need it!”
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Pros and Con-promises

All home improvement projects have pros and cons. In fact, sometimes I feel like Aaron and I spend more time and effort thinking about projects than actually completing them. We research, weigh the options, and estimate budgets. Information gathering trips to home improvement stores seem to add complexity and confusion more often than they provide clear solutions. This process holds true for all projects, even the small ones. The upside is that most of our project results are well thought out and turn out as we intended (or close). 

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