SoML: Two Girls

A few months back I saw Paranoid Social Club live for the first time in a long time and was reminded of how much I love this song. PSC’s songs tend to be on the upbeat and playful side of my alt-spectrum. They are an ass-shaking, head-banging good time. But this one goes a little further.

What is Two Girls? It’s Ludacris’s “lady in the street but a freak in the bed” concept expanded upon in glorious and catchy detail. It lays out the dichotomy of what men desire in a woman with a sweet surprise at the end.

(I also believe you could flip the gender roles and it’d still ring true.)

I need two girls
If I can’t have you
One that I can love
To have and to hold
One for at the club
One back at the home

Connection, romance, quiet nights at home. All good things. But sometimes you need to tear up the town a little. And if she’s like me, sometimes she needs to tear up the town without you. When I saw PSC, Dave was sick so I headed out alone. While he and I have a great time at concerts together, it is refreshing to be at a show totally unencumbered – I knew people there but I wasn’t “with” anyone, so I could leave, stay, dance close to the stage or at the back of the room. There were no needs, preferences, or opinions to contend with other than mine. After the show, I hung out with friends and stayed out until the bars closed. Not getting trashed or acting stupid. Just being out as late as I wanted, getting caught up in whatever random moments happen to come my way.

If you want a girl who’s got a wild streak, you best expect to give her free reign once and a while.

I need a girl that’s clean
To bring home to my mom
And one thats got legs that
Are open and long

Going back to Luda’s sentiments, looking for a woman who is both mother- and bedroom- approved. Sweet and polite at Christmas but open for biz’ness. I don’t really need to go into further detail on this, right?

One that thinks I’m right
One knows that I’m wrong
One that always fights
And throws my clothes on the lawn

You say support me, challenge me, look up to me, stand up to me. The aspiration of desire – men want to want an independent woman who calls their bullshit, but they might struggle when that’s exactly what they get. Be careful what you wish for.

This girl wears make-up
And that girl’s plain
This girl is great
But that girl’s insane


Some consultants I worked with on a project referred to this as “high efficiency, low maintenance.” A woman who cleans up nicely when she needs to, but rock comfy pants and a baggy sweatshirt when it’s time to hit the road. A woman who won’t freak out about running errands with an unadorned face and messy hair. And that last bit? Why is it men think they want a little bit of crazy in their women? Perhaps they want something that reassures them they didn’t make the “safe” boring choice. Asked and answered, boys.

Showing off my

One speaks french
And the language of love
The others bangin’ on me
Like an African drum

Sophisticated but a little bit twisted. Classy, sassy, and bad-assy.

I need two girls
We have to be done
Cause all these girls they add up
To like half of your sum
So if you break my heart
I’ll just be havin’ some fun
I need two girls

And why I count this among my many theme songs – you better believe you’ll need at least two girls if you can’t have me.

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