SoML: Overplayed Pop Songs

So here I am, laid up and getting a little more time alone in the next two days than I usually do. I’ve been having a tough time of it the last few days. I consider myself pretty solidly an Alt Rock Chic, but sometimes a girl needs some fast, funny, and occasionally fearless pop. The kind of stuff that you can’t escape – it’s been in commercials, half-time shows, endlessly played on multiple radio and muzak stations. The stuff that you usually get sick of for a while even if you started out liking it. So I’m taking a day to indulge in some foolishness in the form of a Meghan Trainor station on Amazon Prime – at least until I get sick of it. (And I still skipped Single Ladies)

The funny and slightly naughty stuff that makes me smile and laugh:

I probably wouldn’t like it half as much if I hadn’t seen the video, such ridiculousness.

The stuff I should not like as a feminist but find catchy as hell:

I’ll admit that when I have two functional limbs, I will break out the one or two moves I remember from a single lesson of line dancing in HS and I kind of wish I were wearing cowboy boots.

No pop list would be complete without a little TSwift but I’m going to veer a little closer to my norm and show you the much cooler “Punk Goes Pop” cover by We Came As Romans:

The “empowering” stuff with mass appeal.

Unless you’re supposed to a big tough NFL team (looking at you, Bengals), then you’ll be wickedly teased for using this as an intro song. I suppose if I’m looking at the lyrics for myself, all those lines about “you pushed me down, but I got up” are probably directed at my leg rather than a human, but still… it can be satisfying to ROAR.

And maybe I’ll file all these songs under PT – I am supposed to keep my foot and ankle moving, what better way than bouncing and swinging to a catchy beat.

Plus, a lot of these are perfectly paced for when I get back to my Couch-to-5K training (that couch part is going to be a little more literal this year!) Try out Firework at a 10 minute mile pace or so and you’ll see what I mean. If you running faster than that, tell me a song that keeps up… something I can aspire to reach.

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