Stitch Fix #4 Results

Ok, the verdict is in … and I’m now calling this Fix #4 just so I match SF’s records and don’t confuse myself.

What I kept

First, no surprise that I kept the two accessories. I liked them right away and I’ve already worn both of them! The infinity scarf was so soft and I was able to wrap it so the larger loop was around my shoulders for some extra warmth at work.  The necklace stayed in place nicely and got several compliments.

What I returned
I did end up returning all three tops. I went back and forth in my head and finally consulted with a friend. The raglan was ultimately unappealing, but the other two were close calls. I liked the blouse, but I would have had to wait 4-5 months to wait it and I’d have to either stitch the bottom of the neckline or buy camisoles (I’m told they are a non-bunching layer). The sweatshirt was a little thin and I was worried the knit would get snagged by dog nails or my wedding ring.

Also, given the season, it seemed a bit indulgent to spend a bunch of money on tops I didn’t love. It just so happens that Victoria’s Secret was having a pretty awesome sale and I have a couple of bras that are older than Dash, so I got 3 great replacements for the cost of a single top. Less spend, more value.

In the end, this fix was much more fun than the previous fixes and I’m definitely doing another. I just don’t know when.

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