Stitch Fix Review #1

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and post my Stitch Fix* reviews. Sure, this is a home improvement blog, but self-improvement happens in the home, right? 

I needed to get out of my comfort zone style-wise. Friends and family had started trying Stitch Fix and liking (or loving) it.  I filled out the lengthy form and added as much commentary as I could to the note to my stylist. I decided to ask for Labor Day BBQ style since I was getting the package in late August. I made sure to mention that it needed to be family safe/appropriate (aka needs to pass the bend over, bend down, etc test!). 

When I picked up the package (with a little  twinge of excitement) and it felt pretty heavy, I thought for sure they’d sent a purse. I hadn’t asked for one, but that’s one thing I struggle to find so I thought it’d be exciting to get one. (I have one basic black leather purse and a cute little purple purse I use to go out, that’s it). Since I’d already guessed one piece, I decided to guess the rest before I officially opened it up –  a top, skinny jeans, maxi dress, and necklace. I wasn’t too far off. They sent two pairs of pants, two racerback tanks, and a necklace. Upon further consideration, I’m pretty sure I said no dresses when I made the “family appropriate” comment, so I shouldn’t have expected a maxi dress.

Note about the photos:  Aaron was willing to take photos, but not willing to get off the couch and go to a clean background, etc. Thus the weird angle of my kitchen and the fact that there is only one angle of every outfit that may not show what it was really like. I also feel really awkward when he photographs me, so my expression isn’t exactly normal…

Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank
with Just Black Jake Slim Boot Cut Jeans

Outfit #1:  This one actually might have been a winner if it weren’t for a couple of details. Top – The stylist obviously got my preference for tanks that wouldn’t have my bra straps hanging out since she sent two racerbacks. This embroidered tank was the top item in my box and I immediately thought “didn’t I say no orange?” followed quickly by “embroidery over stripes, really?”  But the deal is, try whatever they send you, push your boundaries. The fabric was very soft and comfy, the fit was good. I can’t say I love the orange embroidery, but I didn’t dislike it the way I thought. The $38 price was reasonable given the quality of the piece. Pants – While the pants were tight enough that I really had to “peel” them off, most of the fit was very good. The deal-breaker was that the pants wrinkled and stayed wrinkled anytime I took a step. I’m not talking about a high step or walking up stairs, just a little step to the side. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like bagging or bunching, if something has to be fidgeted with to avoid that, I’m not going to buy it. Not to mention the $88 price. I would really need to love pants for that price. 

Olive & Oak Chandler Ikat Print Racerback Tank
with Liverpool Vinny Ankle Length Jeans

Outfit #2: This one had a lot going against it before I even put it on. The photo doesn’t show it, but wearing it didn’t change that impression much. This outfit was a favorite among my Facebook friends. I attribute part of that to the photo not showing the fit and part is just different style preferences/expectations. Top This racerback was a light, silky fabric. I wouldn’t have picked out the pattern myself, but I didn’t mind it. It had a sort of bib front with higher sides. The sides were almost too high, I think I may have had skin between pants and shirt (not that I’m against skin, but random side chub due to poor fit is not my thing). I could tell the fit was wrong for me because the front was floating sort of forward and away from my body, meaning you could see in if you stood a little to the side. I expect most women have run into this and know what I’m talking about. The price was $48, which wasn’t bad. Pants – Oh, these pants had so much going against them before I even picked them up. BRIGHT red and ankle length, ugh. I hadn’t nixed red in my style survey because I like it in some cases, but it really isn’t my favorite. Really most any “warm” color isn’t my favorite. As a tall woman, seeing pants that were deliberately “high-water” length was not impressing me. Still, I tried them on… and Aaron burst out laughing. The calves were super snug, yet the entire waist/hips/butt section was baggy. I probably should have taken a photo to show it, since that long bib front on the tank hides that part. The price was $44, which wouldn’t have been an issue for a piece I loved. I will admit that after “hearing” some of the pro-ankle jean arguments on my FB picture, I might consider them in the future. Although my next fix will probably be in the fall/early winter, which means no bare ankles for me – brrr!

Pixley Trisha Cloverleaf Charm Layering Necklace (shirt is mine)

Accessories: I have to say the way they had the necklace in its own little tissue paper wrap and a little box was cute and made it feel special. I liked it right away – silver, shiny, simple. I am modeling it with my own t-shirt because it was way too subtle to show up with the patterned tops I was sent. The ‘problem’ with the necklace is that the metal was so light and the chain so long that when I moved around, it swung over my boob and got stuck there. Hmm, not a look I’m going for.  A little more heft and less length would have been nice. I noticed that the name has “layering” in it… it’s hard enough to get me to wear one accessory, much less layer them.The price was tempting at $32.

Final Verdict: Even though I had strong opinions against some of the items, I do think the stylist was paying attention when I asked for family friendly BBQ options. Everything was absolutely family appropriate and made to be comfortable enough for hanging out. I have not scheduled my second fix yet, but I do expect to use this service again. I think my next fix will be an even better “fit” for me.

I knew before I opened the package that I was only going to keep 1-2 items. We’ve got a bunch of expenses that are coming up this month (oh yeah, this is a home improvement blog… I should probably post about that soon) so I wasn’t going to spend a lot on clothing I didn’t “need”.  I actually let Aaron pick for me – he was a good sport for taking the photos, he has occasionally tried to get me to stretch outside my style bubble, and I knew he wouldn’t pick the red pants. His choice was…

Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank (striped top). Comfort, a style outside my norm, and only $18 after my styling fee. Win, win, win.

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