At Your Disposal

One of the features of our house that is new to both Aaron and me is a garbage disposal. We knew not to put anything large through it and we knew to run the water, but beyond that we were clueless. The first time we ran it, it sounded rather gnarly, so we looked inside. We didn’t see anything amiss, so we assumed that was what a garbage disposal was supposed to sound like.

Fast forward to a week ago. I ran the disposal and after a couple moments it goes from grinding to a humming sound.  I told Aaron about it and he read through the manual (our thanks to the previous owners for leaving it, so we didn’t have to hunt down the model number and scour the internet).  We both looked down the hole and, once again, didn’t see anything amiss. So Aaron followed the instructions for resetting the unit after a jam that included manually moving the plates. Sure enough, after he’d moved the plates, he discovered a very small chewed up rivet. 
We ran the disposal once again and it sounded less gnarly than before.  So a tip to any other GD newbies out there – a steady grinding noise is normal, gnashing is not!

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